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Eyewitnesses Say Ex Attorney General Bryant Intentionally Killed Darcy Sheppard: Watch the shocking videos here.

            The following are videos of interviews with two eyewitnesses to the incident in which former Attorney General Michael Bryant’s killed bicyclist Darcy Sheppard.  The eyewitnesses testify that:

1)       Former Attorney General Bryant was the aggressor – he started the fight by ramming bicyclist Darcy Sheppard with his car.

2)      In a fit of Road rage – Attorney General Bryant intentionally killed Darcy Sheppard. 

Watch the videos here:

               Former Attorney General Bryant tells us that Darcy Sheppard was the initial aggressor – eyewitnesses who were there at the scene say that Bryant was the initial aggressor.  

               Bryant tells us that he was just acting out of fear.  Eyewitnesses say that he was acting in anger.

               Why does everything Ex-Attorney General Byrant told us about the incident contradict what the eyewitnesses  say happened?  How come Attorney General Bryant can’t just be honest with us and tell us what really happened?